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Safety First!

Putting the C back into Clean
A & J Silo Safety Whip TM
A & J Bin Cleaning Inc. is a clear to the bottom and clean to the side type of service. With the aid of the Silo Safety Whip, field engineers are trained to handle all types of storage problems in any sized vessel. Silo Safety Whip services include: build-ups, complete blockages, rat-holes, and bridges.

Effective In

  • Feed Bins
  • Cement
  • Fly Ash
  • Carbon Black
  • Gypsum
  • Soybean Meal
  • Grain Bin
  • Coal
  • Lime
  • Flour
  • And Many More
Power Requirement
  • Electrical - 220V/440V 3-Phase
  • Air - 50 cfm @ 80 psi
  • Boom Reach - Adjustable 4 to 22
  • Bin Depth - up to 210
  • Bin Hatch Opening - 16 or Larger

Free flowing bins mean improved capacity and productivity Bins return to original capacity Material recovered with no waste or no contamination Chemical free procedure No damage to the bin


Material build-up and rat-holes can reduce capacity and productivity, sometimes, resulting in material loss and down-time.


Silo Safety Whip, by A & J Bin Cleaning, can bring back your productivity by removing all types of build-up in any sized vessel.

By using hydraulics which allow the cutting head to be moved within the bin, we are able to place the whip head at the problem spot.

With your plant air system, the cutting head on the whip removes material build-up from the vessel walls and hoppers.

All operations are done from the top of the bin or vessel, reducing the need for hazardous bin entry.


  • Minimal disruption to your operation
  • Recovers lost material
  • Restores capacity
  • Reduces hazardous bin entry

For Safe, Effective, and Bottom-line LOW COST Bin Cleaning Services, Contact the Professionals!

A & J Silo Safety Whip TM

A & J Silo Safety Whip TM

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by A & J Bin Cleaning, Inc.
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A & J Silo Safety Whip TM

A & J Silo Safety Whip TM
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