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Here at A & J Bin Cleaning, Inc. we believe the customer is always first!! Our company has committed over 30 years of combined Bin Cleaning experience to give you the best personnel and the best tools to solve any bin cleaning problem that may arise. The powerful A & J SILO SAFETY WHIPTM and the A & J SILO SAFETY DRILLTM work together to solve unwanted build-ups and plugged bins. These machines are built to last and built for easy use. The cutting head on the Silo Safety Whip is controlled by "Environmentally Safe" air power no worry of your product being contaminated with hydraulic oil, by possible fitting or hose failure on hydraulic cutting machines.

With all this high quality equipment, A & J Bin Cleaning, Inc. has the Field Specialists to tackle any job. Our crews are highly trained in every aspect of Bin Cleaning. We also pride ourselves in offering you the A & J SILO SAFETY WHIPTM and the A & J SILO SAFETY DRILL TM for the do-it-yourselfers. These machines are of the same design as our contracting machine. You, as the customer, are getting the highest quality machine on the market. In addition to buying your Silo Safety WhipTM or Silo Safety DrillTM , you are also able to choose one of our follow-up programs. These programs consist of one of our field technicians returning, year after year, to provide you with an additional source of training, give you better cleaning technique know-hows, and check that your machine is in tip top shape. This ensures that you get the best value from our product.

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